Ginormous protein salad and my favorite green tea latte.

People say vegans don’t eat much. I find that hilarious being that my salads only fit in large batter bowls.

Protein is important in a vegan diet, especially if you’re trying to build muscle. So my favorite protein to add to a salad (if you’re making it a meal) is quinoa.

This is a diverse, leafy green salad with alfalfa sprouts and my summer balsamic dressing.


Summer balsamic dressing is super easy.


Get a small bowl, some lemon grass paste, olive oil, mustard and balsamic vinegar.


I really don’t have measurements for this, I made this dressing up a few months ago and have been hooked on it ever since.

Stir in your desired measurements and add a pinch of salt.


Add yo quinoa! This is a pre cooked quinoa meal with a red pepper jalapeño sauce. Yummm.


Ta da!

Green Tea Latte:


Tiesta Tea is my absolute favorite loose leaf tea brand. So much so that I became a brand ambassador. 😉

Take a few tablespoons of tea, steep in some hot water with a tea infuser or a coffee filter wrapped up with a rubber band would do just fine.

I steeped my tea in a mason jar.

Add your sugar/honey (whatever) before your ice, while the tea is still hot!

I like my tea latte sweet. 😉


This is not all of it.

Now add a lot of ice!


Add a splash of almond milk.

My secret ingredient….


A few drops of Sweet Leaf Cinnamon drops!


MMMMMM… 🙂 img_2643

Shake it all up and you’ve got a sweet, cool, minty, green tea latte. 😉 You’ve GOT TO TRY THIS.

Go to and use my code darling-tea for 10% off. ❤ You WON’T regret it, seriously the best tea flavors.

For months worth of recipes go to my Instagram account Compassionate_darling ❤

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