Tofu scramble and apple maple sausage.

Sometimes you have mornings where you can make beautiful bowls of nice cream, you plate it nice, add sliced fruit, sprinkle coconut flakes and chia seeds on top. You have the time to walk outside maybe find some beautiful sunlight and take the perfect picture.

Or, sometimes you’re doing well to find a matching pair of slippers and throw some frozen tofu scramble in a pan.

Lucky for me, Amy’s knows the struggle. Amy’s tofu scramble is not only delicious but packed with protein, 22g to be precise.

Add your box of Amy’s tofu scramble to a pan, cook it and mix it all up.

small pic 2

Add Field Roast Apple Maple sausage.

small pic

and there you have it, ten minute protein packed vegan breakfast. I’m scarfing this down and working on some baking recipes today!

For months worth of vegan recipes check out my Instagram account Compassionate_darling.

What did you have for breakfast?




6 thoughts on “Tofu scramble and apple maple sausage.

      1. Okay so I looked up the recipe for ya. For a homemade Amy’s tofu scramble you will need, organic tofu, hash browns, onions, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt, black pepper, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, nutritional yeast and spices of your choice. 🙂


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