Vegan stuffed peppers. 

Vegan stuffed peppers 💕
Stuffed pepper:

Finely chop two or three large heads of cauliflower.

Finely chop a cup or two of kale.

Dice cherry tomatoes, add a cup.

Add spices. I used Flavor God Garlic lovers and spice lovers, salt and pepper.

Sauté this mix with water (my choice) or one cap full of oil.

While this is cooking cut the top off your bell pepper, remove the insides and place in oven at 350 until it starts to get brown and the skin wrinkles.

Stuff your cauliflower, kale and tomato mixture into the pepper with a spoon, it’s okay if it’s overflows! 😉

Microwave or bake two potatoes, when they are cooked mash with finely chopped dill and one cup of almond milk and some salt.

For the Avo drizzle, mash half an avocado, quarter lemon juice and add water, as much or little as you want, the right consistency for your taste.

If you want one more side, I made some spicy kidney beans. Canned kidney beans rinsed and sautéed in spices.

Slowly pour that avocado sauce allll over that stuffed pepper. 😉

This is a filling and flavor packed vegan meal… Could use a margarita. 🍹

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