Irish Breakfast. 

Okay so this isn’t a traditional Irish breakfast with fried eggs, baked beans, liver and soda bread… (Blehck!) This isn’t an Irish breakfast at all really… but it has potatoessssss.

This morning I woke up feeling a cold coming on and thought to myself “Ohhh no ya don’t.” So I made a flask of Citrus Sunburst immunity tea and this comfort food breakfast.

So this is two red potatoes cut in half, microwaved for five minutes and fried in Rosemary infused olive oil face down. (Love rosemary and potatoes together)

Two Sprouted wheat slices of toast with vegan butter.

Four apple maple field roast sausages.

& finally a handful of some fresh spinach with raspberries.

The extra carbs this morning are going to give me the energy to fight this wannabe cold and get me through the day.

If you want to get your hands on some Immunity tea or my personal fav Nutty Almond Cream or (any other tea really) go to and used my code darling-tea for 10% off.

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3 thoughts on “Irish Breakfast. 

  1. My boyfriend is Irish- can’t imagine he’s be happy if I told him I was making an ‘Irish breakfast’ and served this! Looks absolutely delicious to me though 🙂 Nice idea to add the raspberries.


      1. Hahaha. I’m gonna try adding potatoes to my breakfast though- make it more substantial


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