Cauliflower rice breakfast. 

When I have time, I take a head of cauliflower and finely chop it into “rice” (I’ve been addicted to it for weeks, so nifty) but this week is the busiest week so far for tax season so I simply do not have time.

Luckily Meijer sells containers of cauliflower rice all ready to go!

I sautéed maybe three cups of cauliflower rice in some Nutiva shortening (if you can’t already tell that’s my go-to)

I also roasted some chunks of butternut squash in Nutiva shortening with pepper and a pinch of salt.

I steamed a cup of spinach with the same hot pan and a little water.

I added one raw clove of garlic on top and some yellow tomatoes.

A little bit of advice, if you’re trying to stay fit and reduce your sodium intake for the obvious bloating reason, I add flavor to my morning meals with half a lemon. I never feel the need for other seasoning when I put lemon on anything. Try it out!

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